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The Importance of Patient Care

By Complete Care Specialist September 20, 2021

The NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) reports that health outcomes, quality of life, and other benefits are associated with patient-centered care. The use of patient-centered care in primary care settings has been associated with faster physical recovery, reduced pain and discomfort, and improved psychological well-being.

What Exactly is Patient-Centered Care? 

As part of patient-centered care, information is shared that is tailored to the needs, beliefs, and expectations of each individual patient. It’s important for medical professionals to remember that patients are people, not just illnesses, and must therefore be treated with respect and compassion.

This means developing a rapport with patients as their health care provider, based on a foundation of honesty, trust, and dignity. 

Impact On Health Improvement

A personal approach to patient care helps patients cope with the fear and anxiety often associated with hospitalization or treatment.  Because the patient feels their feedback and concerns are received properly, they are more likely to follow treatment plans. Not only that but having a patient centered approach allows for the treatment plan to be more personalized which will also increase patient compliance. 

Quality care is more than just equipment and medicine. The interactions with medical care professionals are a major factor in overall patient satisfaction, directly relating to their health improvement.


In its study, NCBI aimed to identify whether patient satisfaction had a significant impact on favorable patient healthcare outcomes.

Given the statistical data, the study results indicate no direct correlation between care services rendered and the eventual outcome of the patient on a practical, physical level. However, the information gathered does indicate that further research on engagement and outcomes of patients is needed. Another study on the same subject concluded that patient satisfaction and outcomes are a more complex issue than the simple solution of the level of care provided.


How Does Patient Care Play A Role?

Ideal patient care promotes activities that educate patients so they can manage their health conditions more effectively. When patients feel empowered enough to make their own well-informed decisions about treatment plans, they are more likely to follow through. As a result, their mental health improves along with their physical health.

Great patient care ensures that the patient is kept happy and comfortable with their well-being in mind. Acknowledging and taking care of patient concerns demonstrates that you see them as humans with unique needs. Patient care ultimately comes from the heart.


Here at Complete Care Medical, patient care is of the utmost importance. It is what drives us everyday and is one of our founding principles. We got started because of the void in care on the supply side, seeing time and time again that patients were being treated as a number and not an individual. Throughout our 16+ years in the industry we have upholded this promise, but don't take our word for it, contact us today to see how we can help.  

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