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New Product Alert 2021: HR Pharma

By Lauren Monteverde September 13, 2021

There is a new catheter company on the scene and it brings all of the features you would want in a catheter. If you are a catheter user, you may have heard of HR Pharma before as they produce some of the top lubricant in the industry with Surgilube and HR Lubricating Jelly. These products have been around for over 80 years helping to build the company’s reputation of quality, consistency, and trust. They have now taken their expertise to urologicals with 2 new lines of intermittent catheters, HR TruCath and HR RediCath.

HR TruCath and HR RediCath were both designed with the end user in mind. The goal was to design a catheter that provides maximum comfort and is easy to use by anyone. All catheters in the lines are going to be sterile, single use catheters that feature fire polished eyelets to ensure a smooth insertion and removal. Not only do fire polished eyelets decrease the risk of scar tissue, but their size and offset positioning along with the catheter tip allow for above average flow which helps to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). See below for specifics regarding each catheter and the sizes available.

TruCath Intermittent Catheter Line

Intermittent Straight Uncoated Catheters  

These intermittent straight tip catheters need to be paired with a lubricant for easiest insertion as they are uncoated. A tip here is to use the packets and cut both ends, then slide the catheter through making sure there is a 360 degree coverage on the catheter. Available in Male (16”), Female (6”), and Pediatric (10”) lengths.

Male lengths will be available in 8Fr-18Fr

Female lengths will be available in 8Fr-16Fr

Pediatric lengths will be available in 8Fr and 10Fr

Trucath Straight tip intermittent catheter uncoated


Intermittent Coude Uncoated Catheters

These intermittent coude tip catheters will also need to be paired with a lubricant for the smoothest insertion. A coude tip means that the tip of the catheter is curved. This is designed to easily maneuver around obstructions, such as an enlarged prostate. It is important to insert coude tip correctly so that they can easily snake around the obstructions, keeping this in mind HR Pharma designed the funnel with a mark to signify the correct positioning throughout insertion. Coude Catheters are commonly used by males so these catheters will all be 16” in length. 

Available in 14 Fr and 16Fr

Coude Tip Intermittent Catheter uncoated

Closed System Catheters and Kits

Closed system catheters are the best way to reduce your chance of an infection when catheterizing. They are designed to be completely contactless with a prelubricated catheter attached to a collection bag so your hands never touch the catheter. To make them even more beneficial for reducing infection they feature an introducer tip which bypasses the beginning of the urethra which is where the most bacteria is concentrated. The HR TruCath Closed Systems are available as single units or in a kit configuration. If you get the kit configuration it will include: catheter, 1200ml drainage bag, vinyl powder-free gloves, underpad, PVP and BZK wipes

They will be 16” in length and available in 10Fr-16Fr. 

Closed system catheter and catheter kits

Insertion Kits

The insertion kits are designed for ultimate convenience when self-catheterizing. It allows you to create a sterile field on the go or in the comfort of your own home. These kits do not include a catheter so they would have to be paired with the TruCath Straight tip, TruCath Coude Tip, or the RediCaths. These are really good to have on hand for traveling, incase of emergencies, or if you will be out on the town as you never know what will be available to you.

Includes: vinyl powder-free gloves, 5g lube jelly packet, BZK wipe, underpad and disposal bag. Also available with a drainage bag with connector.

Insertion kits for self catheterization

RediCath Hydrophilic Catheters

The RediCath Hydrophilic Catheters were made for maximum comfort during catheterization with no need for additional lubricant. These are coated in a hydrophilic coating and have an integrated water pouch so you can easily break it and activate the coating all before opening the catheter. One tip for this is once you break the packet, see-saw the package back and forth to ensure a 360 degree coating. These also feature a touch free sleeve to minimize cross contamination and helps you guide the catheter during insertion and removal. Available in Male (16”), Female (6”), and Pediatric (10”) lengths.

Male Straight Tip available in 12Fr-18Fr, Coude Tip in 14Fr & 16Fr

Female available in 10FR-16Fr

Pediatric available in 8Fr & 10Fr

Redicath straight tip intermittent catheter, hydrophilic


Here at Complete Care Medical we pride ourselves on offering patient choice and we feel it is important to let you know when there are new products on the market. Everyone’s experience is unique and while a product may work for some it may not be the best for you. This is why we created the sample program so that you can find your perfect fit. If you ever want to try a different catheter we will send you free samples so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Call us today at 800.503.7604 or reach out to your personal patient care specialist directly to give these a try! They may just be your perfect fit.

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