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Pain-Free Living: How To Manage Those Aches And Pains And Get The Most Out Of Life

By Complete Care Specialist May 15, 2019

Pain-Free Living: How To Manage Those Aches And Pains And Get The Most Out Of Life

May is an important month if you suffer from chronic pain. It is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Osteoporosis Month, and Arthritis Awareness Month. As a period of recognition for conditions that can cause lifelong pain, each of these topics plays a role in informing others of how debilitating they can be.

Though it may not seem like it, physical fitness and activity can go a long way in treating chronic conditions. Even the most basic of exercise routines can keep your joints and muscles strong, improve your sleep, and reduce stress, anxiety, your risk of heart disease and stroke. Considering the fact that one in 25 working-age adults (18 to 64) face work limitations due to arthritis, finding a healthy way to manage your pain is extremely important. Let's take a look at some products and nutritional care treatments that may help the situation.

Compression Wear

Compression sleeves and socks have been used by athletes for years due to their ability to keep oxygenated blood flowing to the muscles. This can play a major role in performance as it slows down muscle fatigue and assists the body in venous return (deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart). Studies have shown that the right level of compression can cause the walls of your arteries to dilate, thereby increasing the blood flow through them. In fact, arterial blood flow has been shown to increase up to 40% during activity and 30% during recovery as a result of this process. If you're suffering from an injury, this can also contribute to a faster recovery.

Complete Care Nutritional Supplements

Another way to aid recovery -- or simply improve your body's overall health -- is through essential nutrients. Complete Care has a variety of nutrients available, especially if you're living with chronic joint pain or discomfort. For example, Glucosamine and Chondroitin Plus is designed to strengthen and repair connective tissue (such as joint cartilage) which can incur damage from conditions such as osteoarthritis. When paired with the Curcumin Complex, which helps the body maintain a healthy inflammatory response -- a common source of pain for many adults --, you get the best of both worlds. From calcium to magnesium, there are many nutrients out there that can give your body the boost it needs to fight chronic pain.

CBD Products

CBD oil has been proven to be successful in stimulating our body's own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate functions such as sleep, immune system responses, and -- most notably -- pain. Although CBD oil has not been studied extensively, we do know a few things about what it does within the body. It stops the body from absorbing anandamide, a compound associated with regulating pain. As a result of these increased levels of anandamide in the bloodstream, many people experience less pain. It is also suspected to limit inflammation in the brain and nervous system, so people who suffer from pain, insomnia, or other negative immune system responses often find relief from CBD oil use.

Whether it is temporary or a long-term condition, dealing with pain is never a fun situation.  Simple lifestyle changes and fitness can help to manage your pain. And, when combined with pain-relieving products such as compression wear, nutritional supplements, and CBD oils,  can help to bring your pain levels down and hopefully diminish them completely.

Pain Relieving Products Available from Complete Care Medical:


Compression Wear

With the top brands on hand, Complete Care Medical carries compression gear for any need, from improving athleticism to healing injuries. Click here for more details.

Nutritional Supplements

Complete Care Medical worked with the leading pharmacists and nutritionists in our industry to create an all-natural line of vitamins and minerals. Click here for details.


Complete Care Medical is proud to announce that we now carry Nature’s Root CBD Oil Line. Click Here For More Information

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