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Adapting to Life When Obstacles Arrive

By Complete Care Specialist April 10, 2019

Life isn't always easy; sometimes the obstacles that arise can feel utterly overwhelming. In such instances, occupational therapy can help. By focusing on the therapeutic use of everyday activities (also known as occupations), occupational therapists can help people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do. Often occupational therapists use products, like those we offer, to help make these opportunities to participate more accessible.

In today's article, we're going to take a look at three common life obstacles: incontinence, mobility, and respiratory issues.

Managing Incontinence

In 2008, the world market for urinary continence care devices of all kinds (particularly urinary catheters and protective pads) was valued at $1.8 billion. This shows you that you're not alone in your struggle; there are millions of people out there dealing with the same perceived embarrassments due to leaks and accidents.

The concept of adult diapers (and various other urological supplies) tends to carry a negative connotation, but Wellness Briefs and Wellness Underwear are of a different ilk. By taking advantage of the same technology astronauts use in space, these underwear are specially designed to eliminate leaks and reduce odor and irritation. These premier urological supplies will help you regain your confidence in no time!

Dealing With Mobility Issues

When we age, our bodies slow down; joints and muscles can become stiff, especially if we aren't as active as we used to be. While the struggles of these side effects of age can be quite crippling, there are several mobility accessories that can get you up and moving again.

Get Complete Care's Ergocane is the cane you've always wanted. Its unique design provides unparalleled stability and allows users to feel supported and balanced at any angle. Even more remarkably, it can stand by itself! Worries over what to do if you drop your cane are gone thanks to the technology built into the Ergocane.

Combating Respiratory Illnesses

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses, such as COPD, are quite common amongst aging adults. Juggling all the medications and devices used to administer them can make your condition even more complicated, and life even more difficult. The Flyp Nebulizer, however, is small, silent, and effective. It has been tested and approved for use with all medications delivered with general-purpose nebulizers. Life is simpler -- and easier -- when you only have to worry about a single device. It takes only 7 minutes and is easy to take on the go - it’s lightweight, portable (fits in a pocket), discrete, rechargeable with a USB (so can charge anywhere on the go), there are no bulky tubes or wires, a long battery life with its lithium ion battery, and is quiet and efficient.

This is your life; you control it, not the other way around. By finding the best products to manage the obstacles it throws at you, you can retain your confidence and focus on living your best life without worry.

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