Ergocane Fully- Adjustable Ergonomics Cane

$ 45.00

Need a personal assistant? Look no further with this Ergocane, designed with game-changing technology: The Pendulim! The Pendulum maintains the cane’s balance so that the user can maintain posture when walking while adding comfort and greater stability. It allows the cane to stay one step ahead of the user while walking. The unique ergonomic grip has non-slip shock absorbers so you no longer have to suffer from hand discomfort. The padded grip was designed to: Alleviate pressure, reduce callus formation, and avoid carpal tunnel discomfort. 

  • Equipped with a strap on the handle 
  • The Ergo Cap Ultralight is included with the Ergocane. It grips the surface, preventing slips, and provides support and balance at any angle.
  • The Ergo Cap high performance tip can be attached and will provide even more stability and safety, the cane cane even stand along when this is attached. (sold seperately)
  • As Seen on TV
The most advanced patented cane and crutch tip available. Allows for the safest and most comfortable walking experience possible! It stimulates the foot and ankle joint movements for a more natural and comfortable gait.


  • Designed and developed by an orthopedic surgeon, the Ergocane is the most advanced and comfortable cane available. The Ergocane uses medical grade materials and patented technology that revolutionizes mobility support.
  • Adjustable so you will always have the perfect sized cane.
  • Ergocane has a telescopic body that adjusts to any height without pre-measured, notched levels. You can calibrate your Ergocane to your height with the push of a button. The Ergocane is easy to manipulate with its lock and release system. No force required.
  • The body of the Ergocane expands from 28 in (71 cm) to 42 in (107 cm) for the perfect height for any user.
  • Supports 300 lbs.
  • Made of premium grade aluminum, the Ergocane is available in three finishes: Glossy Black, Dark Wood, Checkered Carbon 
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