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Urology and Covid-19

By Complete Care Specialist May 17, 2021

What can the coronavirus do to you? The effects of COVID-19 have been well-documented. Scientists have studied the coronavirus family more than any other disease in recent memory.

But what can it do to your urological system? Your urology is an important part of your body. As you seek to protect it, you should know what the coronavirus could do to it.

Discover COVID's effects on urology by reading this article. 

The Coronavirus and Urology

Generally speaking, the coronavirus has significant effects on urological care. For urologists, it has affected and will continue to influence how they approach the care of patients preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively. 

Outpatient visits will be reduced and you should only visit for emergencies. There are some exceptions when you need emergency urological care such as life-threatening or organ-threatening situations that can not be ignored. 

A risk-benefit assessment of each patient undering going surgery should be performed during the COVID-19 pandemic based on the urgency of the surgery and the risk of the viral illness and transmission. Routine preoperative testing and symptom screening is recommended to identify those with COVID-19. When surgery is required, adequate personal protective equipment for the surgical team is essential to protect health care workers and ensure everyone’s safety involved.  

A New Urological Normal

Most emergency urological conditions are invasive procedures or minor surgeries. They're conducted without delay under local or regional anesthesia.

As for the many benign urological conditions, you can postpone them until the end of the pandemic. You can defer nonurgent urolithiasis intervention.

Prostate cancer and bladder cancer have similar complications as COVID-19 can affect people through many of the treatments used. Chemotherapy treatments weaken the immune system, making it more difficult to fight infections. Additionally, patients with cancer are at a higher risk for requiring ventilatory support from COVID-19, since severe cases of this COVID-19 can cause difficulty breathing.

Kidney disease can also weaken your immune system. You may undergo dialysis or your body may respond to anti-rejection medication. Dealing with either situation can make it harder to fight infections. 

Extra precautions should be taken if patients are at higher risk of COVID-19 from any of these urological conditions. Keeping a safe distance, avoiding crowds, frequently washing your hands and getting vaccinated are absolutely important steps to take to lessen the chances of being infected. 

COVID Effects 

COVID-19 (or the coronavirus) has had unprecedented impacts on various areas of life. Frontline healthcare workers have treated those in intensive care units nationwide.

What's gone uncovered is COVID's effects on urology. No one knows yet what this disease does to your urological system. Protect yourself against its long-term effects by ordering home medical equipment today.


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