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Travel Basics 101

By Complete Care Specialist May 25, 2021

Preparation is the key when traveling in a wheelchair, with a catheter, ostomy, or diabetes, or as a new Mom. Some of the key considerations for each are detailed below.

Using a Wheelchair or other Mobility Device 

Before booking, it is essential to check the airline’s policy to determine what services are offered. Pay particular attention to layovers and ensuring the assistance  you require is available. Not all airlines are subject to the same rules, and some may only offer minimal assistance. You will also need to advise the airline in advance that you are in a wheelchair.

It is recommended that you also contact TSA and ask for passenger assistance with screening. They will be able to advise you on what to expect and assist with the process.

Ensure you find out what facilities are available to repair or replace parts for your wheelchair at your destination. This is especially important if you use a power chair. Not all destinations will have this repairs or parts readily available.

Finally, just because your accommodation says wheelchair accessible doesn't mean it is, so make sure you get confirmation of this before booking. Keep a copy of this confirmation with you in case there is an issue when you check-in. 

Cure Catheter Insertion Kit 

This kit is perfect for a wheelchair user utilizing catheters and are planning on traveling. This little kit has everything that you need to catheterize in a sterile environment, severely reducing the chance of developing a UTI. This is especially important when you are traveling to new places that you are not familiar with to ensure that you have a clean catheterizing experience regardless of your surroundings. Click here to get yours today!

Traveling with a Medical Diagnosis Requiring Supplies 


The key consideration for diabetics relates to your medication. Check the policy of your destination regarding bringing insulin, other diabetic medications, and medical supplies like syringes. You will need to comply with these rules, and in most instances, a letter from your doctor with a valid prescription will be required. Make sure you keep all of your medication in its original packaging to avoid any issues with customs. 

If you are traveling for an extended period, make sure you have made arrangements to get the medicines you need. Check what is required in your destination and ensure you can meet the requirements.

Consider an app or schedule to help you manage your diabetes, especially when you have a major time change and your body has not yet adjusted.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

Did you know CGMs are now covered by Medicare? If you qualify for a CGM, it is a great diabetes management solution that can ease some worry when traveling or on the go. By continually monitoring your glucose levels, giving live updates, and alerting when something isn’t right these can help keep you on top of your diabetes. Your family, doctors, and you can have peace of mind having data at your fingertips, removing the guessing and multiple pricks out of your routine. Get yours here.


Catheter or Ostomy

Although two entirely different medical procedures, many of the considerations will be similar. The practical considerations will relate to whether you need to change or empty your bag during travel. It is recommended you carry supplies in your checked and carried luggage in case there is an issue with one. It may also be prudent to send some supplies ahead by mail. Don't forget anti-bacterial products as they may not be readily available at your destination.  

Finally, call TSA and request passenger support for security screening. They will also be able to advise you on what to expect. Medical supplies should not be subject to carry-on baggage regulations, but to be safe, make sure you carry a letter from your doctor. Remember you will not be allowed scissors in your carry-on luggage, so you may need to precut pouches or catheters.

Freedom Belt

The freedom belt is the newest innovation in drainage bag holders. Finally there is something on the market that can discreetly and securely hold your drainage bag in place throughout your travels, excursions, and activities. Truly a life changing product, that allows you to get your freedom back! Get your Freedom Belt here today! 

Traveling as a New Mom

A good tip is to rent any equipment needed at your destination. This will spare you trying to get your own there and is a lot more convenient. Ensure you advise the hotel you have an infant and get confirmation if they are supplying equipment like a crib. It is essential to ensure a fridge is in the room for breast milk if you plan to express it.

Make sure you have sufficient breast milk or formula for your trip. These products are not subject to TSA requirements, and you can carry more than 3.4 ounces in your carry-on, along with freezer packs to keep it cool.

Remember, not all destinations are as liberal in respect of where you can breastfeed. Take the time to learn local culture and customs around this issue and respect them.

Traveling in a wheelchair, with an illness, or as a new Mom is not easy. Perhaps the best advice is to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Breast Pump Travel Bundle

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