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The 6 Best Smartphone Apps For Catheter and Wheelchair Users

By Complete Care Specialist February 25, 2020

Since the release of the first smartphone apps in 2008 our lives have never been the same. Mobile apps have enhanced every area of our lives including gaming, communication, productivity, education, lifestyle, parenting and more. But did you know that there are apps specifically designed for catheter and wheelchair users?

To help you navigate through deciding which apps would be most beneficial for your health, check out these 6 best smartphone apps for catheter and wheelchair users that we recommend.

iAccess Life

★★★ 4.9 Stars on Apple

★★ 3.5 Stars on Google Play

iAccess is a lifestyle application for users with mobility impairments. The platform is a community where individuals with physical limitations can rate and share their experiences about establishments when it comes to accessibility. Whether you are paralyzed, suffer from a spinal cord injury or have experienced a health set back that requires you to use a wheelchair, cane, walker, crutches, etc. iAccess Life is an essential guide for your everyday life. 

Why Do We Love iAccess Life? 

IAccess Life is the Yelp for mobility patients.  It is the easiest way to navigate your community with real-life recommendations from others with physical impairments. 

Symple Symptom Tracker

★★★ 4.5 Stars on Apple

Symple Symptom Tracker is a user-friendly, symptom tracker and journal. You can easily track multiple symptoms and study factors that influence how you feel and monitor them over time. The journal area makes it easy to take notes for reference or your future doctor visits.

In addition to tracking symptoms and journaling, Symple Symptom Tracker imports steps, sleep, dietary calories, heart rate data and even wheelchair pushes from Apple Health.

Why Do We Love Symple Symptom Tracker?

Symple Symptom Tracker makes it so easy to monitor your symptoms over a period of time and integrate important notes about your diet, exercise or other contributing factors.


★★★★ 4.5 Stars on Apple

★★ 3 Stars on Google Play

With Wheelmate, you can immediately locate and get directions to the nearest parking and bathrooms.  The WheelMate app currently has more than 35,000 locations across 45 countries – and more are being added every day. Locations are added and verified by other wheelchair users and any user can rate the locations.

Why Do We Love Wheelmate?

Wheelmate is simple to use, fast and free for those situations where you need to find a bathroom.


★★★★ 4 Stars on Apple

The Cathnow app is a thorough tool for self-catheter patients. You can easily set up a personal voiding schedule and receive reminders to catheterize. A goal section helps you define goals and track your progress to reaching them. Plus your historical overview helps you to log information for yourself and your healthcare professional.  

Why Do We Love Cathnow?

Organizing your self-cath schedule is easy with Cathnow and the reminders make sure that you will never miss catheterizing.


★★★ 4.4 Stars on Apple

Vesica is a flexible and easy-to-use voiding diary. If you are having problems with incontinence or other urinary problems, your doctor might ask you to keep one. 

The app allows you to create simple diary entries where you can add as little or as much information as you would like, including volumes. The easy-to-navigate interface allows you review past entries to keep you and your doctor up to date.

Why Do We Love Vesica?

Vesica is easy-to-use and free. You can pack all of your incontinence information into this one, simple app.


★★★ 3.8 Stars on Apple

Urobladderdiary helps men and women track their bladder symptoms and then share the diary results with your clinician.  This app allows for in-depth recording of liquid intake and voiding. This app is used when a health care provider recommends that their patients with overactive bladder or incontinence keep a daily record of liquid intake and voiding details.  It enables very specific details so users and their doctors know exactly what is going on. Plus, in-app charts and reports give a quick view into an individual’s bladder symptom trends. 

Why Do We Love Urobladderdiary?

When you need more in-depth tracking of your urological diary, Urobladderdiary is the app to use.  As opposed to the old method of journaling on paper to give to the doctor, this app creates a PDF summary that can easily be emailed to physicians.

Need More Healthcare Apps?  Use is one of the most in-depth resources for discovering and researching the health care apps that are available for smartphones.  BridgingApps is a community of parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors who share information on how they are using apps on mobile devices with people who have special needs. By searching through their recommended apps, you can find only the highest rated, valuable tools.

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