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Keeping Dad Healthy

By Lauren Monteverde June 14, 2022

Once you've adopted healthy habits, it's only natural to want your family and friends to join in on the fun. Besides, you want them to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Knowing this, consider some of the best ways to start the healthy journey with your father.

1. Facilitate Physical Activities Together to Promote Healthy Aging for Men

Time is precious, and it's always wise to spend time with your loved ones when you can. Continue to foster and develop the relationship with your father by planning physical activities together.

If you two plan to meet up for dinner, go for a walk after dinner. If you two love golf, make a date to go play a few rounds over the weekend. As you facilitate the process, you'll increase the level of exposure he has to an active lifestyle.

2. Create a Consistent Schedule for Your Father's Health

A healthy lifestyle isn't something a person haphazardly falls into. It requires a significant amount of commitment and intention. Encourage healthy aging for men by serving as your father's accountability partner.

A brisk morning walk is a great start. You can build on that with other activities such as other cardio workouts and strength-training workouts.

3. Decrease Men's Health Issues by Investing in His Sporting Equipment

If your dad agrees to track his steps, purchase a pedometer or a smart watch that tracks his steps. Make a goal to take more than 10,000 steps a day. This is a fun yet practical way to decrease men's health issues.

Invest in the physical activities he already loves. If he wants to start swimming again, offer to pay for his membership at the local gym. Tennis is an excellent sport to play. Consider purchasing his racket and a few lessons with a tennis coach.

4. Invest in His Men's Health Education 

Health is wealth. In order to build wealth, one must invest in their education to make the right decisions. The same concept is applicable to men's health. If your dad wants to be healthy, education is essential. Consider reading a book about health together. Read a chapter each week, and discuss the lessons you learn in order to begin the mindset shift.

5. Make Delectable Diet Options Available for Your Dad's Health

When it comes to your dad's or grandad’s health, you probably already know the foods he's prone to enjoy the most. If there's a specific style of cuisine he loves, look for recipes that create healthier alternatives.

If your father loves Greek food,  research healthy Greek dishes that include some of the classic staples such as olives and vegetables. Grilling lean meats and preparing healthier versions of the sauces will help your father enjoy his favorite foods as he maintains a healthy diet. Make it easier on him by preparing the meals for him in advance. Once he gets used to the healthy, prepared meals, he might stick with them.

Creating new habits isn't an easy process. When he's getting a nudge to move outside of his comfort zone, it can be understandably tough. While it's good to be patient with him, always be consistent in the way you show up for him. With these tips, you'll equip yourself with what you need in order to support your father in his journey to optimal health.

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