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How To Help Your Child Cope With Urology Conditions

By Kelly Rossi February 21, 2022

The field of pediatric urology focuses on issues related to the urinary tract in children. This includes the bladder, urethra, ureter, and kidneys.

Conditions might be relatively minor: incontinence (bedwetting) and urinary tract infections. Or they may need procedural or surgical intervention, such as hydronephrosis of the kidney and tumors.

Treatment and management of urology conditions in kids might mean everything from yearly visits to your family doctor to surgery at an advanced urology institute.

No matter what condition your child has been diagnosed with, they may find the treatment process confusing and distressing. Read on to learn how to navigate these challenging situations and help your child cope.

Address Your Child's Questions and Concerns

Seeing urology specialists and urology associates can be daunting for a child, especially if they're visiting an unknown urology clinic for the first time. You can help your child by preparing them in advance of the visit.

Ask them how they feel about the visit and jot down a list of the specific questions and concerns. Even if those questions don't seem relevant to you, asking them (or having them ask them) during the appointment can help your child to understand what's going on from their perspective.

At the same time, be sure to do your own research into your child's condition. If you're informed, you will ask your child's healthcare providers the right questions.

Purchase Quality Urological Supplies

No matter your child's condition, it's crucial to have the right tools, equipment, and medical supplies on hand to help you, their caregiver, or your child deal with any issue that might arise.

Some tips include:

  • Having disposable, often-used supplies in convenient places around the home
  • Creating a grab back of supplies that you can easily carry with you went out of the house
  • Leaving essential supplies with your child's teacher or caregiver
  • Doing your research and shopping around for affordable yet high-quality supplies
  • Asking your medical provider for a list of basic supplies

Don't forget to properly and hygienically dispose of any used supplies—in most cases, that means putting them into the trash can rather than recycling them.

Inform People Integral to Your Child's Life

Let people like your child's teachers, nanny or babysitter, and relatives and close family friends know about their condition. This is especially important if your child has advanced urology needs.

Provide them with your child's:

  • Bathroom needs
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Medication regime
  • Change of clothes
  • Medical supply needs
  • Emergency contact details

It might also be helpful to put together a list of strategies you've found helpful to keep your child calm and happy and some background information on their condition.

Getting Up to Speed With Pediatric Urology

Understanding how to help your child starts with educating yourself on their condition. Only then will you be able to answer their questions and allay your child's fears.

If you're new to helping your child through a urology condition, you're probably overwhelmed with your children's urology supplies shopping list. We're here to help!

Contact Complete Care Medical today, and we'll help you demystify your child's medical supply needs.

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