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How Compression Sleeves Help Athletes in Recovery

By Complete Care Specialist May 16, 2018

compression sleeveThis May marks both Arthritis Awareness Month and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. While very different populations tend to suffer from arthritis and sports injuries, there is a type of medical bandage that can be very useful in treating both: compression stockings and sleeves.

Compression sleeves are a type of compression hosiery that are worn for many different reasons. One of the more popular motives for wearing a compression sleeve is when one gets an injury. Why? Because compression wear can greatly aid in recovery. Here are some ways an athlete or anyone else in recovery, can greatly benefit from wearing a compression sleeve.

Reduced muscle soreness

According to a recent study from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, muscle soreness was reduced just 24 hours after wearing compression garments. Subjects in the study primarily wore compression stockings or sleeves during vigorous exercise. They found that muscle soreness was reduced by 70% up to the top of the garment.

Improved blood circulation

Your blood's circulation actually improves when you're wearing compression gear. The garment keeps the tissue in your body rigid enough for your blood to optimally flow through your arteries. This is particularly important for those who exercise because blood flow usually slows right after exercise. The increased circulation helps flush away any biochemical byproducts from a hard workout, like lactic acid. This helps reduce inflammation and muscle aches.

Decreased oxygen consumption

When you wear a compression sleeve, your body consumes less oxygen than it would when you're not wearing one. This happens because the sleeve limits the extent of contraction and relaxation of your muscles, so your body needs less oxygen for the same amount of work. The sleeve also increases circulation so oxygenated blood is distributing quicker to your muscles. The excess oxygen left in your body can be used to help with recovery instead of being burnt up for energy.

Decreased recovery time

That's right, compression wear is one of the medical supplies that can help you recover faster. For athletes, this can get them back to the sport that they love even quicker. As previously stated, your muscle's ability to contract and relax are restricted and circulation is improved, resulting in quicker recovery.

The Compression Wear and Shapewear Market is expected to climb to $5,576 million by 2022. Knowing that compression sleeves can reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, decrease oxygen consumption, and hasten recovery time, it's no wonder the market value is expected to increase. If you're an athlete, you know how hard it is to take a break from the thing you love because of an injury. Compression wear can help your body and get you back to the sport faster than you can imagine.

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