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5 Products That Can Help Make the Bathroom Safer For the Senior In Your Life

By Complete Care Specialist June 07, 2018

Bathroom SavetyAs we get older, basic, daily tasks get harder and harder to complete without assistance. The increase in the amount of people living longer and 'aging in place' is causing a growing concern for the safety of their homes. That's okay though because there are plenty of home safety aids out there to help. Here are some bathroom safety products that will help you or your loved one get around the bathroom better and safer. 

Grab bars

Grabs bars are an excellent addition to any bathroom for several reasons. They are easy to install, they are relatively inexpensive, and you can boost mobility in the bathroom without making any major modifications. Install the grab bars by the toilet, near the bathtub, and inside the shower so your loved one can get in and out/up and down easier than before. 

Bathroom benches

A bathroom bench can attach to the side of the tub or shower, giving a senior a place to sit while they are bathing. This helps with those who experience loss of balance, muscle weakness and those can't stand for long periods of time.

Bedside commodes

You can make bathroom experiences safer outside of the physical bathroom too. Bedside commodes help those recovering from surgery, or suffering from weakness, dizziness, or even paralysis. It allows them to maintain toilet habits without having to make their way into the bathroom. This reduces their risk of tripping or falling, resulting in a reduced risk of injury. 

Non-slip mats

As people age, the risk of getting a serious injury from a fall increases. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in a home because of the excess moisture, soap products, and slippery tubs. Non-slip mats can help reduce their chance of falling in the bathroom. You can install these in front of the tub, sink, toilet, and shower to create a beneficial, non-slip surface. You can also install a mat inside the tub or shower so they don't slip in the suds.

Raised toilet seats

As we get older, sitting down and standing up becomes more difficult. This is especially true for someone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain. A raised toilet seat can help with that. The seat sits three to four inches higher than a traditional seat so you don't have to lower your bodies as far. They often come with handles on the side to assist with movement. For even more control and assistance, some raised toilet seats are mechanical and can help with standing up. 

By 2010, 5.5 million Americans lived to the age of 85 or older. This 85+ age group is expected to grow to 19 million Americans, or 5% of the population, by 2050, according to the Institute of Aging. With more and more people living extended years, it's important that they have products available for them to make life a little easier day-to-day. Check out our inventory so you can help out your loved one or yourself with bathroom safety. 

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