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Getting Going After Bed Rest

By Complete Care Specialist January 03, 2022

Did you know that the average medical procedure recovery time ranges from days to months? Depending on what you are recovering from, you might experience a long period of bed rest recovery.

While bed rest is a great way to allow your body to heal from invasive surgery, it can also weaken your muscles and reduce your stamina. That's why you'll need to work on regaining strength after a prolonged hospital stay.

If bed rest has left you feeling mentally and physically exhausted, keep reading below. We have several useful tips that will help you recover and regain your strength.

The Effects of Bed Rest

Bed rest involves long periods of rest, sleep, and inactivity. This can take a toll on your body.

Among other things, bed rest can weaken your musculoskeletal system. Unused muscles begin to atrophy, and the effects can be felt from your heart all the way to your calves and thighs.

Joints, bone density, and lung capacity can also be negatively impacted. If you are immobile for long periods of time, you could develop bedsores.

Physically Recovering From Bed Rest

One of the best ways to begin recovering from bed rest is to be active. Get moving in whatever way you can. Don't push yourself too hard -- it's fine to start with short walks around your house until you feel ready for more activity.

If there are specific body parts that you need to rehabilitate, try targeted exercises for regaining strength. Bodyweight exercises can help with leg muscles, while simple dumbbell activities can help you regain arm strength.

Make sure that your diet is nutrient-rich and has plenty of protein. Talk to your doctor about how you can enhance your regular diet to get your body the energy it needs to recover.

Mentally Recovering From Bed Rest

A hospital check in takes a toll on more than your physical health. The stress and fatigue associated with complex health issues can also leave you mentally exhausted. When making a plan to regain strength, you should also factor in your mental strength.

Mental wellness can be negatively impacted by isolation, stress, and boredom, which are all possible results of prolonged bed rest. To improve your mental health, make sure you are getting enough rest.

Reach out to friends and loved ones and stay connected throughout the recovery process. Isolation can lead to feelings of depression. Keeping in touch with people you care about will help you feel less isolated and more supported throughout your recovery.

Recover From Bed Rest Today

With the information above, you can start your bed rest recovery journey. Bed rest can leave you feeling mentally and physically drained, so it's important to allow yourself the time you need to fully recover.

Don't rush the process, and be patient with yourself. Remember that your body has been through a lot, and it needs time to bounce back to its original state. As the old saying goes, all good things take time!

If you're looking for support in your recovery journey, Complete Care Medical can help. We offer everything from specialized medical supplies to daily exercise tools. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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