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Nutritional Blog: 4 Keys to Better Sleep and Immunity

By Social Magnitude SEO December 02, 2021

Believe it or not, sleep is one of the most important functions the body performs. Sleep is an almost magical state of being that has the amazing ability to replenish your body and mind each night and allow you to function better during your waking hours. It’s essential for a number of different functions, from weight loss to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Since we're in the midst of flu season, maintaining a healthy immune system is something you'll be eager to do. So, how can nutrition help? As it turns out, there are tones of things you can put into your body—foods, vitamins, minerals—that can act as immune boosters and sleep supports.

Read on to find out about some of the most important nutrients you need to sleep well and stay well this winter.

Vitamin B12

Methyl B-12

The vitamin B12 benefits are many. For a start, B12 helps to keep the blood and nerve cells in your body healthy. It also helps to prevent fatigue and feelings of weakness.

Basically, it's important for overall health. You can find B12 in meats, fish, eggs, and milk. This vitamin isn't found in many plant-based foods, so if you're vegetarian or vegan you may consider a B12 supplement.

Vitamin D

Vitamin A & D

Vitamin D is one of the best nutrients for boosting your immune system. The sun is one of the best sources of this vitamin we have, but unfortunately, it can be in short supply at this time of year. Because of this, you'll need to make sure you're getting it elsewhere.

Good sources of vitamin D include oily fish, red meat, and egg yolks. You can also try taking immune system supplements that include vitamin D.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Another vitamin that helps the immune system greatly is vitamin C. It's a powerful antioxidant that helps to strengthen the body’s natural defenses. Find this hardworking vitamin in citrus fruits, strawberries, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and of course various nutrition supplements. 

 Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep Support

Sleep is another thing that can help boost the immune system naturally. But what are some things you can do in order to help you get a better night's sleep? Try not to look at your phone before bed, and make sure to get plenty of exercise throughout the day.

There are a number of different supplements you can take—ones with melatonin are particularly helpful. You can also drink chamomile tea, or eat nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

Nutrition 101: Sleep Well Feel Well

Now more than ever, it's important to look after ourselves and make sure our immune systems are as strong as they possibly can be. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is through thoughtful nutrition decisions.

If you have any questions about any of our supplements, we'd be happy to answer them. Get in touch with us or see the rest of our nutrition blog posts to learn more about your nutrition today.  


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