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Family Activities In The Fall To Keep You Moving

By Complete Care Specialist October 16, 2021

As the temperatures begin to cool down in parts of the country this fall children's activities begin to move indoors. As a parent, you might be feeling some oncoming dread about this time of year, especially during a pandemic.

You want your children to continue to stay active during the cold seasons, but how can you ensure their safety? In this article, we'll discuss five safe, affordable, and fun fall family activities to do together this fall.

1. Hiking and Bike Riding

Hiking and bike riding are two of the best outdoor fall activities for the family that keeps everyone moving.

Both are great ways to embrace the best aspects of the changing seasons. From breathing in the crisp fall air to taking in the bright red, orange, and yellow hues of the fall foliage.

Hiking and biking are great for all ages. Both offer wonderful opportunities for children to explore and develop independence. They'll also have the chance to develop their gross motor skills.

If you have younger children, try starting with shorter hikes and bike rides. As they develop stamina, you can begin to extend the rides and hikes into longer excursions.

Whether you make regular trips to a hiking destination or just a bike ride around the block, you can be certain your entire family is benefitting from spending time together outdoors.

2. Pumpkin and Apple Picking at an Orchard

Another set of fun fall activities are pumpkin and apple picking. Ditch the hayride and walk out to the orchard. You'll enjoy the physical activity and the challenge of everyone carrying their own pickings back to the car.

A visit to the orchard offers bountiful options for movement and exploration. Lifting heavy pumpkins and reaching into the branches of trees are both educational and excellent for children's physical development.

Plus, at the end of the day, you get to go home with a haul of nutritious treats. Use the apples to teach your children how to bake a pie. Spend a family evening together carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds.

3. Doing Fall Yard Work and Gardening 

Fall yard work only feels like a chore if you approach it as one. But it can also be a fun family activity.

Encouraging children to help with yard work and giving them tools to play an active role in the family is a gift. Gardening with your children can also be a fun bonding and teaching opportunity. It’s always exciting to see your work grow into something that the family can utilize and homegrown fruits and veggies always taste a little better! These are both opportunities for the family to bond over their shared appreciation of the home they inhabit together.

The best part about fall activities like raking leaves is that you get to jump in the pile afterward! But don't forget to bag them up or you'll have to do it all again!

4. Fly a Kite

Flying a kite is a fun fall activity that is one other way to help children stay active. Kite flying develops fine motor and gross motor skills. It also teaches children science concepts like simple physics and weather.

Inviting your children to design and create their own kites adds even more opportunities for learning and creativity. Check out our pinterest for some DIY kite ideas, here.

5. Use Screen Time to Stay Active

When you do spend time inside in front of screens, encourage your children to stay active during commercial breaks or in between shows. Challenge them to do push-ups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups.

Your children will enjoy the little bit of competition that gets their blood pumping after sitting still. Another option is to play video games that involve exercise.

Stay Healthy Doing Fall Family Activities Together

Hiking, biking, kite flying, and apple picking are all excellent family activities to do together this fall. Just because the weather gets cooler doesn't mean you have to stay indoors.

While you're out exploring this fall, you'll want assurance that your children are safe. Our wide range of pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and wellness products are here to protect the health of your family.

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