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Essential Halloween Safety Tips in the Age of COVID-19

By Social Magnitude SEO October 06, 2020

You have your perfect costume waiting in your closet, and your pantry is stuffed with your favorite sweets. Halloween is right around the corner. As close as it is, though, there's no doubt that the holiday looks a little different than it usually does. With social distancing measures still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your favorite Halloween festivities will have to adapt to this new way of life.

However, that doesn't mean you can't still have a good time this October. To make the best of the holiday while staying safe, you just need to make a few adjustments. Outside of using hand sanitizer and washing hands often, here are some key safety guidelines for protecting yourself against the coronavirus this Halloween.

Stay in Small Groups

According to experts, COVID-19 spreads primarily through droplets, which can be transmitted via sneezing, coughing or talking. The risk of droplet transmission rises steeply among large crowds. If your children are planning on going trick-or-treating this Halloween, make sure they limit their friend group to 3-4 people. Staying in small groups can help reduce the risk of infection and keep everyone safe.

Spend Time Outdoors

Research has also demonstrated that the risk of COVID-19 is particularly high in indoor spaces. To protect your family from the virus, try to spend as much time outdoors as you can. You might have to cancel your big annual Halloween party, but you can still celebrate with a few close friends. Just make sure to stay outside and maintain a safe distance from each other.

Limit Your Visits

It's a classic Halloween tradition to ring as many doorbells as you can in hopes of adding to your candy stash. However, this may not be the safest practice during COVID-19. While your little ones can still trick-or-treat, make sure they only visit a few houses at a time to lower their risk of contracting the virus. In addition, it's a good idea to monitor their trick-or-treating to ensure that they maintain a safe distance from other residents.

Wear a Mask

Masks have been one of the most powerful weapons in fighting the coronavirus over the past few months, and this time is no different. If your child's costume doesn't already have a mask built into it, be sure to encourage them and help them get creative to incorporate a mask in addition to their getup. Likewise, it's crucial to make sure that your little one washes their hands often and refrains from touching their face throughout the night. 

Protect Yourself From COVID-19 This Halloween

Halloween may not look the way it usually does, but that doesn't mean you can't still make it a night to remember. By taking these important safety precautions and encouraging your kids to do the same, you can enjoy the holiday to the fullest. Just remember not to leave your mask or hand sanitizer behind while you do it.

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