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6 Tips For Going Back To School With Covid

By Kelly Rossi August 10, 2020

The CDC says it's important to reopen schools because "schools play a critical role in the well-being of communities." Of course, this comes with other sound reasons and back to school tips to ensure the health and safety of students, staff, and administrators. 

Do you have concerns about sending your children back to school or are you anxious for them to get back into a routine? No matter what your school district decides, e-learning or in-person classes, having your children prepared for the road ahead is a top priority. 

What is the best advice for parents? Learn how to prepare your family for the challenges awaiting this fall with the following parenting advice for going back to school amidst Covid-19.

What's the Best Parenting Advice Heading Back to School?  

It seems everyone has a piece of parent advice, but what advice makes you feel at ease about sending your kids back to school? Let's look at some of the recommendations coming from doctors about this very important issue. 

1. Practice Handwashing 

Hygiene is most important in keeping germs at bay. Have your kids practice proper handwashing. Doctors recommend singing the "Happy Birthday" song twice while using soap and warm water. 

2. Get Them Used to Wearing a Mask 

This might be an issue for some kids especially if they're expected to wear a mask all day. Let them choose one at the store or have one custom made in a fabric with a character they like. 

Practice wearing it around the house, leaving it on for longer and longer periods of time. Remind them not to touch the mask or their face if possible. 

3. Talk About Social Distancing 

Teach your children to keep a safe distance from others to prevent the spread. Talk about not sharing food or drinks and not getting too close to others. 

4. Check for Signs of Illness Each Morning  

This goes without saying. If your child has any type of illness, especially a fever over 100.4 degrees, keep them at home. Schools will remind students and staff alike to follow this protocol. 

5. Proper Nutrition 

The best way to keep your children healthy is through proper nutrition. It's never too late to teach them the importance of choosing healthier options for their meals. 

6. Physicals and Immunizations 

It's important to keep your children on schedule with their wellness exams and up-to-date with the recommended immunizations. Your doctor can also reinforce the proper precautions to take when returning to school. 

Back to School 

Now that you received some parenting advice about Covid-19 and school, you can send your kids back with the knowledge of how to keep themselves protected. This will help them get back to a normal school routine. 

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