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10 Life Saving Apps to Use When On Bed Rest or Limited Mobility

By Complete Care Specialist July 27, 2020

Going from living an active life to being confined by bed rest or limited mobility can completely turn your life upside down. All of a sudden, you need to figure out how to get the small tasks like grocery shopping or getting dog food without leaving your bed.  Luckily, in this technological age, there’s an app for everything!  So we have put together the best 10 life-saving apps to use when on bed rest or limited mobility.

Grocery Delivery Apps / Instacart

Instacart for Apple Store | Instacart for Android

No matter where you buy your food, thanks to COVID-19, you can now have your groceries delivered from any grocery store you’d like while on bed rest.  You can either download your favorite grocery store’s app, or choose Instacart which let’s you choose which store they will go to.

After downloading one of the grocery delivery apps, it’s time to begin! To begin, simply shop and pay for all of your items on the app.  The app will match you to a shopper who will go to the store and start shopping for you.  The store’s out of an item? No problem, your shopper will text you that they have replaced the item or will ask you what you would like to do.

Once your shopper has all of your items, they will make their way over to wherever you need to have them delivered.  Voila! Your pantry is stocked and you didn’t even leave the house!    

Grubhub | Restaurant Delivery Service

Grubhub for Apple | Grubhub for Android

Miss your favorite restaurant’s food while stuck at home? Grubhub will ease your cravings.  Similar to the grocery store apps, Grubhub is ready to deliver for a ton of local restaurants.  

Once you’ve downloaded the app, navigate to your favorite restaurant.  You will find their full menu with customization options when available.  Select your meals, pay and soon your dinner will be arriving at the door! 

Wag! | Dog Walking and Boarding Services

Wag! for Apple | Wag! for Android

It may feel like your furry friend is getting the raw end of the stick during your down time.  Fortunately for the app Wag!, you can lessen the stress on your pet by making sure your pup gets his or her regular care.

Through Wag!, you can find someone to walk or watch your dog on demand.  You simply get on the app, are matched up to the nearest pre-screened dog walker and/or puppy-sitter.     

Chewy | Pet Food & Supply Delivery

Chewy for Apple | Chewy for Android

Now don’t think we forgot about Fido’s dietary needs! This is where Chewy comes in.  The Chewy app makes buying pet food and supplies a snap.  Simply shop for items and pay for them through the app and everything will quickly be delivered to your house, many times by the next day!


Netflix for Apple | Netflix for Android

If you are on bed rest or have limited mobility, chances are you already have the “Chill” part down of the popular saying “Netflix and Chill.” If you need some entertainment during this down time, Netflix is an excellent resource that enables you to watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies for a low monthly price.  

In Love While Parenting

In Love While Parenting for Apple | In Love While Parenting For Android

During bed rest or while on limited mobility is a great time to develop your relationship and parenting skills.  “In Love While Parenting” is a science-based app that gives you the resources to build stronger relationships while also raising happy, well-adjusted children. 

You will find the short lessons in this app filled with deep yet easy, science-based concepts to integrate  into your day-to-day life. 

BetterHelp | Counseling

Betterhelp for Apple | Betterhelp for Android

With a massive life change that restricts you from your regular lifestyle, like going on bed rest or limited mobility, it is important to stay on top of your mental well-being.  If you are experiencing depression or anxiety through your limiting situation, a little extra help may be needed.  This is where BetterHelp comes in.

The BetterHelp app connects you with a licensed counselor who you can have virtual appointments with and text regularly.  So, at any moment, help is only a text away. 

UrbanSitter | Babysitters

UrbanSitter for Apple | UrbanSitter for Android

When you are on limited mobility, there is no doubt that your interaction with your little ones will be a struggle.  Why not get a sitter to help take care of some of those daily tasks with the kids?

UrbanSitter will show you a selection of pre-screened sitters in your neighborhood.  In fact, you will be able to look at your sitter’s reviews from people that you may know.  These sitters are available scheduled in advance and last minute.   

Pregnancy Tracker - Baby Center - For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Tracker for Apple | Pregnancy Tracker for Android

If you are on bed rest due to a pregnancy, Pregnancy Tracker is perfect to keep you up to date on what is going on inside of you. 

Pregnancy Tracker gives you week-by-week highlights of your baby’s growth.  Plus it provides valuable tools like a “Is is safe?” list, kick trackers, baby name resources, contraction timer and more.


Amazon for Apple | Amazon for Android

If we have left anything out of this blog, Amazon is sure to have it! From much needed supplies to just a special pick-me-up gift for yourself, Amazon has anything you might need.  Plus it will be delivered quickly.

Bed rest and limited mobility is a major life change and no one expects you to be able to manage every aspect of your regular life in the same way as you had done before.  However, hopefully, the apps in this blog will help you be able to maintain a similar lifestyle to what you had before your restrictions all with the touch of a button.

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