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4 Kinds Of Medical Supplies You Didn't Know You Could Buy Online

By JP Monteverde July 28, 2017

In the digital age, it's not surprising that people turn to the internet for almost everything. After all, you can buy virtually everything online. But while you might have already known you could buy catheters online from your medical supplier, there are probably other medical necessities you can purchase on the internet without even knowing it. Even better, in many cases purchasing medical supplies online will save you money.

Here are just four kinds of high-quality medical supplies that are readily available from your internet-based medical supplier.
  • Denture Supplies
    Whether you're in need of adhesives, cleaning tablets, or brushes, you can help keep your pearly whites looking and working great with help from your online supplier. These highly rated products will provide both security and ease of use, all with lower prices than you'll likely find in the store. It's easy to order any quantity you need for the future too, which means you won't have to make the trek to your local shop when you run out.

  • Mobility Aids
    If you're in need of a wheelchair, walker, crutch, or cane, you don't actually need to go to a specialty store. Not only do medical supply stores carry these products online, but they'll also have a lot more to choose from than the average retail location. That means you won't have to settle for less than what you want or need. In addition, these online suppliers carry replacement parts like wheels, seats, grips, foot plates, and more. This comes in handy when you know exactly what you need but you're having a hard time finding it in person.

  • Breast Pumps
    In 2015, 26.8% of moms in a survey said they expressed breast milk anywhere from five to 15 times per week. While breast bumps are available in any number of big box stores, there's definitely an advantage to buying them online. In addition to getting a higher quality product, new moms can get breast pumps for an extremely low cost -- or they may not have to pay anything at all. In many cases, your insurer may actually reimburse you for the cost of your breast pump. But there's an even better option: working with a medical supplier that can obtain free breast pumps for moms by filing claims on their behalf. That way, new and expectant mothers can keep their focus on raising their child without having to worry about dealing with their insurance companies themselves. You'll still need to check with your insurer to make certain your supplier and pump are covered, though.

  • Catheters
    Catheters are some of the cheapest medical supplies that you can purchase online, and it's easy to find precisely the type of catheter you need. From foley catheters to single use pre-sterilized catheters, you can order these devices online and have them discretely shipped to your front door.

  • These days, convenience is key. It's usually correct to assume that you 
    can find discount medical products online, rather than having to go to the store in person. It will behoove you to find out what kinds of supplies your online medical supply store carries (and which ones you may be able to get for free). Ordering online will save you both time and money without forcing you to sacrifice on quality.

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