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3 Misconceptions About Buying Medical Supplies Online

By JP Monteverde July 03, 2017

The average lifespan keeps increasing, which means that the medical supply industry keeps growing. The world market for urinary incontinence care devices alone was estimated to be $1.8 billion in 2008. And in the digital age, most consumers like to shop in the most convenient way possible. Typically, that way is through the Internet.

But while many of us will buy everything from clothing to big household electronics online, some are a bit more hesitant to shop with a medical supply store online. Online retailers will often provide a better selection of complete medical supplies for a lower cost, but there are a few misconceptions that may be keeping you from buying your urology supplies and other medical equipment in this manner. Below, we'll examine a few of the most common misconceptions customers have about buying complete medical supplies online -- and why these "facts" are actually total fiction.

MISCONCEPTION: Online medical supply retailers aren't trustworthy
To be sure, you need to exercise caution when buying anything online. You need to make sure that websites and specific sellers are verified and regulated. There are various organizations that provide these seals of approval; any reputable medical supply website will proudly display them where visitors can see them clearly. In our case, we're a Medicare Approved Provider and have a Board of Certification accreditation. You may also want to do a quick Google search to ensure any supplier's certifications are legitimate. But while you do need to be careful about where you spend your money online, there are tons of reputable medical suppliers that operate solely online.

MISCONCEPTION: The equipment they sell isn't as high in quality
Some people assume that just because much of the complete medical supplies we offer are less expensive than what you see in your local store that the quality will be poorer. But the reason this equipment is less expensive is because we can pass savings on to our customers -- not because we're selling below-grade supplies. Not only does every product meet strict industry standards but we can also offer a wider array of brands and types of equipment than your average storefront. We'll likely have the same exact equipment you can find at any physical supplier -- plus a lot more. We even provide free medical supply samples, which is something many other retailer can't do!

MISCONCEPTION: Online suppliers have poor customer service
We certainly can't speak for every medical supplier out there on the Internet, but we've made it our mission to provide stellar customer service for everyone who visits our site. Customers can phone in, write us an e-mail, or send us a chat message for any questions or concerns they might have. Most physical retailers don't have a dedicated customer service team available to shoppers; they will usually employ a small staff that has to do a bit of everything. But online medical suppliers are able to have trained employees just for this purpose. And ours are even available 24/7 in cases of emergencies. What brick-and-mortar store can say that? No matter what, we've got your back.

Although making the change to buying your complete medical supplies online can be intimidating at first, sites like ours make it incredibly simple. You can easily find all kinds of supplies with just the click of a button. Take a look around our site or contact us for more information today.

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