Nimbo Prosterior Walker

$ 240.00

The Nimbo posterior walker has a lightweight aluminum frame, is height adjustable and can be used in anterior position. Its one-directional rear 5" wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards. The anti-reverse override bracket can disengage the one-directional rear wheels and allow forward & reverse mobility. Front swivel 4.5" wheels enhance maneuverability and ease of turning. Locking mechanism easily switches front wheels from swivel to non-swivel. Each wheel is independently adjusted, skid resistant, nonmarring, and easy rolling allowing for indoor and outdoor use. Folds easily.  The tyke size includes a flip down seat. All sizes come in either castle red, knight blue, or wizard purple.

Weight capacities:

Tyke 75 pound weight capacity         

Junior 100 pound weight capacity     

Youth 150 pound weigth capacity      

Young adult 190 pound weight capacity

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