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You're On Your Way to a Healthy Bladder With These 3 Diet Tips

By Aimee Coates February 19, 2018

catheter plugs and capsKidney disease can be a scary thing that leads to many different health complications. If kidney disease reaches the point where the patient has kidney function of less than 10 to 15%, a kidney transplant or dialysis will be necessary. Kidney disease can also bring on other medical supply needs like catheters. 

Urinary catheters may be necessary if a patient is unable to empty their bladder by themselves, which can cause kidney problems. There are many different types of catheters, including internal and external uses. There are also many accessories that go with catheters, like catheter plugs and caps. Medical suppliers have many of these available for all of your urinary health needs. 

There are many steps that you can take in order to prevent these kinds of medical complications. For example, what you eat can have a serious impact on the health of your bladder. Here are three diet tips that can help improve your bladder health.

Fruits and Vegetables
Not only are fruits and veggies good for the overall health of your body, they are good for your bladder health as well. Fruits can provide a protective layer that prevents bacteria from growing in the bladder, which can later lead to an infection. Pears and cranberries are both really great super fruits that can balance acids and prevent infection in the body.

It is no secret that drinking water is good for your body, especially for your urinary health. Keeping hydrated is a crucial part of keeping the body on track. Water is also great at flushing bacteria out of your body's system. It is possible, however, to consume too much water, so it is important to find your balance.

Whole Grains
Adding whole grain foods to your diet will be tremendously beneficial for the health of your bladder. Eating whole grain breads, pastas, and rice can have a very positive impact on your digestive health, which your bladder plays a role in. These foods can also help with weight loss. Being overweight can have a negative impact on your bladder health because of the amount of work your body requires to perform digestion. 

If you want to avoid needing catheter plugs and caps, remember these three diet tips to keep your bladder healthy!

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