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Urology Supplies You Should Always Have Available

By Travis Karlskind November 30, 2018

urology suppliesIt's no secret that managing chronic conditions can be frustrating and exhausting. Between keeping track of your symptoms and treatment plans, getting to your doctor's appointments on time, and dealing with daily struggles made more complicated by a chronic medical condition, your diagnosis can leave you with your hands full.

For urinary conditions, it is important to manage the emotional toll associated with your condition as well. This is especially important during the holiday season when emotions and stress are already running high, making sure you have what you need and enough of what you need is essential. If you've been diagnosed with a urinary condition, here is a list of urological supplies you may need, so you can feel organized and ready for the next steps in your treatment.

  • Catheters: Catheters are an essential tool that have been used for more than 3500 years to drain the bladder when it fails to empty. If you are unable to void without a catheter, be sure to have all of your catheter supplies including gloves, wipes, absorbent pads, drain bag, or any other accessory needed to catheterize.
  • Drainage bags:  Drain bags are used to collect urine voided from the bladder. You often see these bags on the side of the bed and are often called night bags when connected to an indwelling catheter. It is recommended to clean and replace the drain bag as often as possible to maintain sterility and avoid foul smells.
  • Extension tubing:  This is the tubing that is found connected between the indwelling catheter and the leg bag or drain bag and is usually 18 inches long. It is important to change these tubes frequently as well, since urine passes through it while being drained from the bladder and into the bag.
  • Leg Bags: A leg bag is a urine drainage bag that is strapped to the leg and connects to an indwelling foley catheter or a Texas external catheter/condom catheter. This bag comes in sizes ranging from small to large. A small bag will usually hold somewhere around 19oz and a large bag holds 32oz.

    Managing urological conditions can be complicated and exhausting. Keeping your urology supplies readily available and in high stock can help ease stress associated with managing your condition. If you use urological supplies or you're in need of additional supplies, Complete Care Medical has everything you'll need and more! 

    Give us a call today at (800) 503- 7604 or email 

    We are here for you and can answer any questions or concerns that you may be having. 

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