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Tips for Traveling With a Catheter

By Complete Care Specialist August 21, 2019

Traveling with a catheter may seem a bit daunting. You’re probably thinking of all the ways it may not work, but thankfully you can enjoy travel, even if you have to use a catheter. With just a bit of preparation, you can mark your next travel destination off your bucket list.

Contact the Airline

If you’re traveling by plane, contact them ahead of time before booking, or within 72 hours of your flight to see if they have any special procedures regarding traveling with medical devices. Be sure to ask if the equipment you bring on board will meet the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines. While you’re on the phone with them, you can check to see what the TSA’s carry-on bag regulations are. 

 Depending on the airline, there may be a special lane that specifically handles medical devices, so you may even get through the line faster. Let the TSA agents know ahead of time you have medical supplies in your bag before they run them through the x-ray machines, just so they are ready and know ahead of time.

Consider your Carry-on bag

As you pack your carry-on bag, don’t forget to include enough catheters for three days in case the airline loses your checked bag, or you experience flight delays. Be sure to strategically plan,  making sure to pack enough supplies for your entire trip and a few extra in case something happens, such as a delay or lost items. When packing lubricant, make sure the weight is under 3 ounces if you are carrying on. Some catheters are hydrophilic or pre-lubricated which would allow you to not need a separate lubricant with each catheter.

Remember even if you are packing a checked bag, make sure to have enough catheters & supplies in your carry-on in case something occurs. 

For females, you can travel with ease by using a Cure Twist or Coloplast compact travel catheter. These are pre-lubricated and discreet.

For males, you can consider a Cure Pocket Catheter or a compact catheter that is ready to use and discreet, making your travel day a bit less daunting. 

SCCM v1 from Coloplast A/S on Vimeo.

Keep Hygiene in Mind

While packing your clothes and making sure you have your catheter supplies ready, remember to bring all your toiletries and products to keep you clean. Whether you take a plane, train or automobile, bring a water bottle specifically for rinsing. If the tap water isn’t ideal once you arrive at your destination, be sure to keep using bottled water. 

Antibacterial wipes will also come in handy during road trips and travel days. If you touch anything, be sure not to touch your catheter until you wash your hands or use antibacterial wipes.

Consider trying a closed system catheter kit.  These catheters are specifically designed to create a sterile field and reduce infection! It comes with all the insertion supplies to create a sterile environment when catheterizing. To take infection reduction a step further, most closed system catheters have an introducer tip to bypass the first couple millimeters of the urethra, which typically contains the most harmful bacteria that cause UTI’s. 

If you are interested in a closed system catheter, we’re happy to help. Call us at (800) 503-7604 

Plan Ahead for Emergencies

While nobody likes to think of anything bad happening on a vacation, it’s still important to be prepared. You never know what can take place. Before leaving for your destination, find out where the hospitals and clinics are in the area you will be staying, just in case you have an emergency or need help with your catheter.

Quick Checklist, Make sure you have everything:

  • Enough catheters for travel and stay, including extra for three more days (just in case)
  • Catheters and supplies in luggage and carry-on bag
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Bottled water
  • Lubrication (under 3 ounces for carry on bags)
  • Pre-lubed pocket catheters (other option)
  • Passport or form of ID to board plane
  • Contact list with your doctor & medical supply company’s information 
  • Clothes and other items you’re bringing

Complete Care Medical has been in the Catheter and Urological Supply industry for over 15 years.  If you have questions about your catheters, call one of our Urological Supplies Specialists at 800-503-7604.  

Cure Pocket Catheters For Men

Cure Twist® Catheter for Women

If you are interested in these options contact us at (800) 503-7604

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