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Myth vs Facts About COVID-19

By Complete Care Specialist September 06, 2020

There's a lot of false information going around about COVID-19. Complete Care Medical offers the following information to help dispel some of the myths surrounding the spread of the coronavirus.

Myth: You don’t have to social distance if you’ve had the virus.

Even if you have tested positive for the coronavirus, you should still take the same measures to protect yourself as before you were infected. Doctors don't yet have a definitive answer on whether you can contract the virus again. This is due to the different qualities of related viruses.

SARS and MERS Are two related illnesses caused by coronaviruses. Survivors develop an immune response that can protect them for years. However, the common cold is also a relative. People can become infected with colds many times over.

Myth: Putting disinfectant on your body can protect you from the coronavirus.

According to the Mayo Clinic, disinfectants kill germs, including the COVID-19 virus, on surfaces. However, it's a bad idea to put disinfectant on your body. Disinfectants irritate your skin. When swallowed or injected, disinfectants are toxic and possibly life-threatening.

Myth: The flu vaccines can protect you from coronavirus.

Vaccines are specific to the diseases which they prevent. There is no COVID-19 virus vaccine as of yet. A flu shot will not protect you from getting COVID-19.

Myth: If you don't have a cough, shortness of breath or a fever, you do not have the coronavirus.

While the main symptoms of the coronavirus include a fever, cough and shortness of breath, there are other symptoms as well. According to the CDC, common symptoms include muscle pain, sore throat, chills and a loss of smell or taste. Less commonly, some people report nausea and diarrhea prior to testing positive for the virus.

Myth: Antibiotics can prevent and treat COVID-19.

In reality, antibiotics treat bacteria, not viruses. COVID-19 is a virus and cannot be cured by antibiotics.

Myth: Eating garlic makes you less likely to get COVID-19.

Garlic is good for your health in many ways. However, there is no proof that eating it will do anything to prevent or lessen your chances of getting COVID-19.

Myth: Pneumonia vaccines prevent COVID-19.

Pneumonia vaccines do not protect you from the coronavirus. Although many researchers are rushing to find a cure for COVID-19, none exist currently. Your doctor may recommend that you get a pneumonia vaccine if you are in a high-risk category for the coronavirus. Those over 65 or younger people with diabetes, asthma and other chronic illnesses may choose to get the pneumonia vaccine after consulting their physician.

What to Do to Verify Treatments and Claims

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pulls misleading products from stores and online retailers. However new claims are being made daily. If you come across something that seems like a miracle cure, consult your physician before trying it yourself. Contact us today with any questions on how we can assist you.



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