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How Does Compression Gear Benefit Football Players?

By Complete Care Specialist January 16, 2019

Football players of all skill levels are accustomed to using various medical supplies and specialty gear, but compression gear, in particular, is becoming more and more popular due to its proven health benefits. Here's what all football players should know about wearing compression gear.

Holds Muscles in Place

First of all, compression gear helps to hold the muscles in place before, during, and after gameplay. Not only does this make movement more comfortable and less strenuous on the athlete, but it can potentially minimize the risk of injury, depending on the athlete's position. Furthermore, while compression gear is designed to compress the body and hold the muscles in place, it's also designed to allow for maximum mobility.

Wicks Away Moisture

CMS found that in 2015, retail spending for durable medical equipment (which includes contact lenses, eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, mobility aids, and more) reached $48.5 billion. Compression gear can be considered a medical supply because of its innovative moisture-wicking ability that also aids with comfort, injury prevention, and overall dryness. Compression gear's moisture-wicking capabilities are particularly helpful for football players, who wear many layers of clothing that can otherwise weigh them down. This lightweight movement helps many types of football player perform at their best and stay quick and nimble on the field.

Increases Circulation

Compression gear is known to increase circulation, which means the blood moves more efficiently throughout the body. New oxygenated blood is able to reach the muscles quicker which can help reduce with muscle fatigue and soreness. While there are no studies that definitively say it improves performance, there is evidence that it helps recovery.    

Maximizes Comfort and Protection

Finally, medical experts have attested to the fact that compression gear helps to reduce the vibration of muscles, which in turn can reduce or prevent chafing and muscle soreness. For football players that are running long distances or are otherwise spending an extended period of time on the field, the gear can play a big role in endurance and overall strength. Keep in mind, of course, that compression gear doesn't negate the need for other necessary safety equipment for athletes.

Football players can often receive free catheter samples as well as other various medical supplies, and compression gear is no exception. If you're a football player or an athlete of any kind and are interested in trying out compression gear of your own, it's easier than you think. To browse our compression gear selection, click here.



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