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Healthy and Safe Trick Shot Activities for Kids

By Lauren Monteverde May 19, 2023

If you haven't seen That's Amazing vs Dude Perfect, your kids certainly have. Everyone is trying water bottle flips and trick shots with everything from basketballs to bowling balls.

Trick shot challenges can be great activities for kids indoors or outdoors. Keeping it healthy and safe is the key. Learn more about trick shot activities you can try with your kids this summer.

Water Bottle Flips

One of Dude Perfect's signature moves is the bottle flip. You're trying to flip a water bottle so it lands upright. For a tougher challenge, you can flip the bottle to land on its cap.

A two-year-old went viral for her bottle flipping, but kids who are a little bit older will usually have more success. The water bottle should be between 1/4 and 1/3 full for the best results. Be sure to flip onto a firm, flat surface.

If you're playing with more than one child, you can make bottle flips into a game. An easy way to make a challenge is to have the kids try to flip one by one. The first person to land the bottle wins.

You can also make a large target out of posterboard or cardboard. Label the target with points and let the kids take turns trying to flip onto the target.

Basketball Trick Shots

Your kids have probably seen the many basketball trick shot videos from Dude Perfect and That's Amazing. Fortunately, kids of almost any age can safely do basketball trick shots.

Be sure that the ball and hoop are age-appropriate, though. For example, toddlers need a softer ball and lower hoop than grade school-aged children.

Your kids will find an almost endless number of creative ways to make a basket. Ideas include:

  • Shoot over your back (i.e. backward)
  • Bounce the ball so that it makes a basket
  • Drop the ball from an elevated surface so it bounces and makes a basket

If the weather isn't good for outdoor activities for kids, you can make basketball trick shots indoors. Use a soft foam basketball or a ball of socks. You can use a laundry hamper or other large container if you don't have an indoor basketball hoop.

Frisbee Trick Shots

Frisbee trick shots are another fun and healthy kids activity. You can use a low box, empty trash can, or other container as a target.

Landing a Frisbee accurately into a container may be enough of a challenge. If your kids are ready for the next level, you can place several targets at different distances. You can also use containers with smaller openings to make a harder challenge.

You can also make a type of disc golf course in your yard or at a park. Identify different objects that each player must reach in a certain order.

As with all outside activities for kids, be sure that everyone is staying hydrated when running around playing Frisbee. This is especially important in hot summer weather. Kids activities can be physically intense and require the same hydration and precautions as for adults.

Enjoy Fun Activities for Kids all Summer

Trick shot activities for kids are a great way to get everyone outside having fun. Water bottle flips, basketball trick shots, and Frisbee games are a few ideas to get you started.

Kids and grown-ups of all ages can play. Just be sure the equipment and the level of the challenge are appropriate for each age group. You'll be having safe, healthy fun all summer!

For more tips to stay healthy and active, check out the Complete Care Medical blog. It's full of practical advice you can use to live your best life.

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