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Denture Dilemmas: 3 Common Complaints And Their Solutions

By Travis Karlskind September 01, 2017

Out-of-pocket spending on dental services already makes up 40% of all dental spending, and the amount we spend on these services increased by 1.8% from 2014 to 2015. If you're already spending a substantial amount on your oral health, you're probably on the lookout for affordable yet effective denture supplies. But when your dentures are a poor fit or you don't practice proper dental care, not even the highest quality products will provide the ultimate solution. Below, you'll find three of the most common denture issues people deal with and their solutions, as recommended by experts.
  1. Gum and mouth irritation
    Over time, your bones and gums change; dentures that once fit perfectly may now feel uncomfortable. Poor-fitting dentures can result in several problems, including mouth irritation. That's because a poor fit leads to friction, and eventually irritation, between your soft gum tissue and the dentures themselves. This can severely disrupt your overall quality of life, making it difficult to speak, chew, or go about your daily routine without pain. Left untreated, these sores can also become infected, making matters worse. While denture supplies like adhesives can help create a better seal, they are no substitute for dentures that actually fit. The only solution is to see your dentist to have them adjusted or replaced.
  3. Inability to chew or speak properly
    When you first start using dentures, you may find it difficult to chew or speak in the same way you normally do. Dentures should feel and function just like normal teeth, but they can take a little while to get used to. Speaking slowly and eating soft foods can help in the beginning. But if you're still struggling with these important actions, you may need to see your dentist to see about adjusting the fit of your dentures. Alternatively, you may simply need to start using a higher-quality adhesive or make small changes to the way you talk or chew your food. Pretty soon, those changes will start to feel natural.
  5. Oral infections
    Aside from mouth sores, people who wear dentures are prone to other kinds of infections, including cheilitis (cracking and inflammation at the corners of the mouth) and stomatitis (redness or red bumps on the roof of the mouth). An overabundance of yeast is at the root of both of these diseases and can be treated with proper denture care and medication. In general, it's important to practice proper denture care to stave off infections. You'll need to clean your dentures daily (typically, you'll soak them overnight and use a special brush to clean them in the morning) and make sure to store them properly. Never sleep with your dentures in. Your dentist can provide more in-depth practices for superior oral healthcare.
Purchasing denture supplies from your medical supplier can enhance your overall experience and health -- as long as you have a proper foundation to work with. Choosing to purchase your denture adhesives, cleansing tablets, brushes, and containers from an online medical supply store can ensure that you have what you need exactly when you need it. For more information on Houston medical supplies, contact us today.

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