Celador Radiance Night Cream

Product Description

Radiance Night Cream is very rich, shea butter fortified cream that is specifically designed to rapidly replenish lost oils and lipids to the skin and to restore a radiant and smooth appearance to the face. Radiance Night Cream helps prevent water loss from the skin, thereby maintaining the optimal level of hydration.

As with any skin care product, test for skin sensitivity by applying product to a small (nickel size) area for 2 days. If no reaction develops, product can be used over larger areas of skin.

1. Formulated to diminish rough skin and reduce redness.
2. Moisture-binding, this cream was designed to help the most severely dry areas.
3. Gentle enough to use in the most sensitive areas, under eyes.
4. So gentle that it is perfect for application to extremely dry, cracked hands and feet.

Directions: After washing with Celador’s Daily Cleansing Rinse, smooth cream generously over the dry and damaged skin. For best use apply the cream at bedtime, this will allow the cream to fully soak into the infected area and lock in moisture allowing the renewal process to begin.

$ 60.00 $ 75.00