Request Free Intermittent Catheters - Call to find out more about how you can sample all the newest and most innovative catheters for all ages and genders. Whether it be for you, your child, or someone you are caring for we have what you need. What we offer: Closed system kits - This allows you to maintain a sterile field throughout the process of intermittent catheterization. This usually contains a catheter, gloves, underpad, sterile wipe, prep pad and povidone-iodine swabsticks. Straight tip - Standard intermittent catheter, comes in a variety of materials; PVC, Red Rubber or latex as well as Silicon, for individuals with latex allergies. Coude tip - this is an intermittent catheter with a curved tip. The angle of the tip allows for male patients to snake around strictures or pass an enlarged prostate. There are several types of Coude tip styles, including olive tip (a more bulbous tip), a Tiemann tip (this has an exaggerated angle) or standard Coude tip with a round ending at a basic curved angle. Hydrophilic- These catheters have a coating on the outside of the product that reacts with water and becomes very slick for insertion. Often times this product will come with a water sachet or packet and will need to be broken before opening the package. Once the packet is broken, it is recommended to “see-saw” the package back and forth to fully lubricate the catheter 360 degrees. Other hydrophilic catheters will come pre-lubricated, meaning they are ready for insertion upon opening the package. We also make sure to have plenty of options on hand to accommodate for preference, allergies, and any other restrictions. We bill directly to your insurance and will handle all the insurance paperwork and billing so you get the coverage you deserve with no upfront costs.

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LITTLE OR NO COST TO YOU! We bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance directly for your urological supplies. We handle all the insurance paperwork and billing so you get the coverage you deserve with no upfront costs!
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