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We Offer Every Brand, Size and Type of Male Catheter

These are sterile, single use catheters that are typically 16 inches long that can be applied with lubricant or are pre-lubricated with a hydrophilic coating.
  • Straight Catheters
  • Coude Catheters
  • Pocket Catheters
  • Intermittent Catheters
  • Closed Kit Catheters
  • External Catheter
  • Indwelling Catheters

Little Or No Cost To You!

We bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance directly for your urological supplies. Since each insurance differs, we will check your catheter coverage for you and give you options based on your benefits. We handle all the insurance paperwork and billing so you get the coverage you deserve with no upfront cost!
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The Complete Care Medical Staff has provided customer service excellence for over 15 years and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

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Your personal Urological Specialist will contact you prior to your recurring shipments to see how the supplies are working for you and if you need any changes. Then, you can expect your next delivery before your previous supplies run out.
male catheter patient testimonial"During the 29 years i have piloted a wheelchair after winning the SPINAL CORD LOTTO i have Dealt with many MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANIES. COMPLETE CARE MEDICAL is the first company i have been associated with that i felt like I had a friend. Not only do they take care of most of my Urological supplies but they are also a wealth of medical knowledge. Every request i have made of them has been met as a challenge and they leave no stone unturned to find an answer to my request. Travis @ CCM is my go to guy when life throws me another curveball... You cannot go wrong introducing any of their staff into your life."
- Rance

Specifics About Male Catheters

Male Catheters are typically 16 inches long that can be applied with lubricant, are hydrophilic, or are pre-lubricated. These sterile, single use catheters have either a straight tip or a coude tip and come in a range of materials: Red Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl, Silicone, and Latex. For traveling or discreet carry, male catheters are available in a pocket size, which is a catheter in a U-shape package, or a compact catheter, which is a pre-lubricated catheter in a compact sized tube that is ready to use. There are indwelling catheters or external catheters available as well.

A standard intermittent catheter has a straight tip. They come in a variety of materials; PVC, Red Rubber or latex as well as Silicone, for individuals with latex allergies.
This is an intermittent catheter with a curved tip. The angle of the tip allows for male patients to snake around strictures or pass an enlarged prostate. There are several types of Coude tip styles, including olive tip (a more bulbous tip), a Tiemann tip (this has an exaggerated angle) or standard Coude tip with a round ending at a basic curved angle.
These intermittent catheters have a coating on the outside of the product that reacts with water and becomes very slick for insertion. Often times this product will come with a water sachet or packet and will need to be broken before opening the package. Once the packet is broken, it is recommended to “see-saw” the package back and forth to fully lubricate the catheter. Other hydrophilic catheters will come pre-lubricated, meaning they are ready for insertion upon opening the package. Some pre-lubricated catheters are non-hydrophilic but are covered in a gel like, sterile lubricant that is ready-to-use upon opening.
These intermittent catheters are about the size of a cosmetic item, are pre-lubricated, and ready-to-use. The main compact catheter for males is the Coloplast Speedicath. This product comes in a small size but pulls out, similar to a telescope, to the normal male catheter 16" length so that it can reach and effectively drain the bladder.The Pocket Intermittent Catheters are packaged in a U-shape so that they can easily fit into your pocket or bag. They are usually 16" in length.
Catheterization insertion kits or catheter insertion trays provide everything to conduct a catheter insertion in one convenient, sterile compact container. These kits are available with or without an intermittent catheter, so that you can have more flexibility in your choice. A typical intermittent catheter insertion kit includes; an Underpad, Exam Gloves, Collection Bag, Swab Sticks and/or other Sterilization Wipes, and Lubricating Jelly. Some kits and trays can include an intermittent catheter, a fenestrated drape, a specimen container, gauze, and a tray. The trays come standard in every insertion tray.
Closed System Intermittent Catheters allows you to maintain a sterile field throughout the process of intermittent catheterization reducing the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI’s). The closed system catheters have an added benefit of improving the ease of the self catheterization process by offering a convenient, discreet, secure and reliable catheterization regardless of where you are. The closed systems feature either a pre-lubricated straight or coude catheter tip with an integrated collection bag. Some of the closed systems feature an ‘introducer tip’ that allows the catheter to skip through the first millimeter of the urethra, where most of the bacteria is found, therefore, reducing the risk of an infection even more. They are available in a kit configuration as well, which will typically include a closed system catheter, gloves, an underpad, sterile wipes and/or swabsticks, and an underpad.
External Catheters, also called Condom or Texas catheters, are usually used for patients who have incontinence. These catheters resemble a condom and are applied in a similar fashion. The tip of the catheter is connected to a tube that connects to either a drain bag or a leg bag for the urine to drain and be collected. These are typically made out of either latex or silicone. The biggest decision for you is choosing between self-adhering catheter or one with an adhesive strip. The self-adhering catheter features adhesive on the sheath of the catheter, so once you put it on and roll it down, it will stay in place without any extra steps. The catheter with the adhesive strip is smooth on the inside, has no adhesive on the sheath, and comes with an adhesive or Velcro strip that must be wrapped around the base to hold the catheter in place.
Foley Catheters or Indwelling catheters are used for long term use, unlike intermittent catheters, they stay in the bladder for an extended period of time and continuously drains the bladder, usually into a leg bag or drain bag. Once inserted into the bladder, there is a balloon that needs to be inflated to keep the catheter in place. This balloon typically ranges in size from 5 cc to 30 cc, which is inflated using a syringe full of water. There are, typically, two way and three-way Foleys and they come with either a straight tip or a coude tip. In the two-way Foleys, one passage is used for drainage and the other is used for inflation of the balloon. In the three-way Foleys, there is an extra port for irrigation, most commonly to wash out bloods and clots. Note: you can irrigate using a two-way foley catheter, the passage for drainage will be your irrigation passage as well.

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