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Flavored Tinctures 300mg CBD per 1 oz, Amber Tincture 300mg or 750 mg CBD per 1 oz. Made from 100% organic, non-gmo industrial hemp, these Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Tinctures are a perfect way to experience the benefits of hemp and CBD. The tinctures will not separate and are free from strong oily aftertastes.

May benefit:

    pain reliever
  • improves mental health
  • anti bacterial
  • antioxidant rich
  • enhances clarity and alertness
  • decreases side effects of THC
  • restorative balance to internal body
  • enhances mental clarity
  • neuro-protectant
nature's root tinchtures

Flavored and Natural Version: Available in natural, cherry blossom, peppermint, or orange these tinctures are a lighter tasting version similar to a grade a maple syrup due to the processing. Most of the fats and terpenes are removed to create a light impact on the body while reducing your pain. 10 mg CBD per serving.

Amber Version: This Tincture is similar to a grade B maple syrup, as it is derived from the first run of the hemp oil. This method preserves all the benefits of the hemp plant, including fats & terpenes, providing a fuller impact on the body while reducing more chronic pain. !0 mg or 25 mg CBD per serving.

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Vital Superfood Chlorella Tablets

30 tablets contain 10mg CBD each This supertablet is a perfect balance of organic ingredients, Chlorella and Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil make this tablet a must have for everyone!

May benefit:

  • reduces inflammation & pain
  • prevention of headaches or migraines
  • improves headaches or migraines
  • aids in detox process
  • improves mental alertness and focus
  • reduces feeling of anxiety and depression
  • reduces free radicals
  • improves restfulness
  • increases recovery time and healing process
  • improves balance to mind and body
  • may reduce hot flashes
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Citrus Lip Balm

contains 25 mg CBD - One of the most popular products, this lip balm completely restores and balances through a powerful special blend of organic & non gmo cocoa butter, jojoba oil and cannabidiol hemp rich oil.

May benefit:

  • restores lips to balanced state
  • moisturizes and repairs dry cracked lips
  • natural spf
  • softens lips
Nature's Root Citrus Lip Balm with CBD
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4 Men Body Lotion with CBD

4Men Body Lotion

contains 100mg CBD - Specially formulated for men, the 4Men Body Lotion is lightweight and packed full of nutrient rich botanicals! A powerful blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, Frankincense oil, and cannabidiol rich hemp oil leaves the skin feeling firm, moisturized and super soft. A perfect everyday lotion but is also beneficial if applied after shaving!

Testimonial based claims and benefits:

  • reduces scar damage
  • tightens skin
  • intensely hydrates and moisturizes beard, skin, & hair
  • natural spf
  • non clogging
  • reduces ingrown hairs
  • reduces inflammation and irritation even after shaving
  • improves overall skin tone, redness and balance
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Max Sore Muscle Lotion 350 & Max Sore Muscle Salve

Max Sore Muscle Lotion 350 Contains 350 mg CBD - This Therapeutic Sore Muscle Lotion will enhance the way you feel with a heating & cooling sensation and packed full of Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil, it provides additional support for all your aches and pains. This lotion provides a number of benefits not just relieving pain but will leave skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Max Sore Muscle Salve Contains 200-400mg CBD The Max Salve was created to overcome a multitude of pain obstacles, it is perfect for anyone carrying chronic, debilitating pain around with them everyday. This organic and non-gmo Salve provides a deep muscle penetration and extended relief time, with the heating and cooling elements you will feel relief in minutes!

May benefit:

  • stimulates circulation
  • improves bruising spasms and nerve pain
  • reduces inflammation, redness, & irritation
  • reduces feelings of pain and body aches
  • supports neuropathy
  • reduces free radicals
  • intensely hydrates skin
  • increases muscle recovery time
  • heating and cooling sensation
  • effective on various skin conditions
max sore muscle cbd
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oil wound cbd

Wound & Skin Care Oil 200

Contains 200mg CBD The Wound & Skin Care Oil is all natural, organic, & scent free. This oil incorporates hemp & CBD rich oil, known for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. The Wound Care 200 was created to safely and naturally repair & restore broken, open, or damaged skin. It can be used for daily scratches, cuts, scrapes, & post surgery wound care.

Testimonial based claims and benefits:

  • heals rashes
  • soothes bites
  • dry skin irritation
  • post injury wound care
  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • speeds up healing time
  • pain reducer
  • anti inflammatory
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Vital Oil Capsules

30 capsules Contains 450 mg (15 mg each) or 750 mg (25 mg each) CBD

Organic and non GMO these vital CBD capsules are an effective and easy way to receive the hemp benefits. An easy to swallow capsule, provides you with an overall sense of wellbeing and balance within the body.

Testimonial based claims and benefits:

  • pain reliever
  • anti inflammatory
  • anti anxiety and anti stress
  • enhances mental clarity
  • neuro protectant
  • reduction in vomiting and nausea
  • increase in energy and sense of wellbeing
cbd capsules by nature's root

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